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First introduced to Malaysia in 1985 through the ELF brand, TotalEnergies' products distributed in the country now include lubricants, glass coatings, industrial oil and specialty products. 

TotalEnergies, the result of the merger of Total Lubricant Malaysia and Elf Lubricant Malaysia, started its business in 2004. TotalEnergies now reaches a market share of approximately 6% and its turnover exceeds MYR 130 million per year. 



Managed by geographical area, divided in 4 major regions, the Company has a total of 35 distributors and over 1000 workshops nationwide. The segments include workshops, motorcycle outlets, and direct users (industrial division). 


History Of TotalEnergies Marketing Malaysia

1985: Elf lubricants distributed by Lubpro, authorised distributor in Malaysia 

1992: Elf South East Asia holds majority stake in distributor company and subsequently renamed Elf Lubricants  (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 

1994: Total Lubricants (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated 

2004: Commercial merger of Elf Lubricants (Malaysia) and Total Lubricants (Malaysia) under the name Total Oil Malaysia Sdn Bhd

2021: In line with the TotalEnergies company's transformation into a multi-energy company, Total Oil Malaysia Sdn Bhd has changed to TotalEnergies Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd


  • Historic date: August 31, 1957– Independence Day
  • Currency: Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)
  • The total land area is 329,847 km2/ 127,350 sq.miles (Nov 2020)
  • The median age in Malaysia is 30.3 years (Sept 2020)



  • 3.1billion oil proved reserves


TotalEnergies Marketing Malaysia Head Quarter in Petaling Jaya is ISO 9001:2015 certified


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