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TotalEnergies' Commitment To Sustainable Development

TotalEnergies' mission is to responsibly enable as many people as possible to access energy in a world of constantly growing demand. This means making corporate social responsibility an integral part of our operational and business excellence goals. 

Sustainable development is about fulfilling our responsibilities to employees, suppliers, neighboring communities and host countries. To achieve this stakeholder consultation, dialogue and engagement are essential. Sustainable development is critical to our long term viability and capacity to create value wherever we do business: by generating direct and indirect jobs, by stimulating social and economic development and facilitating access to energy. TotalEnergies’ future depends on our ability to balance social engagement with business objectives.

Helping our customers Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions

An important element of our strategy to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is our TotalEnergies Ecosolutions program: leveraging innovation to serve continuous improvement, the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions program is aimed at developing products and services to help our customers (both businesses and consumers) to reduce their environmental footprint. 

The program today encompasses 33 different products and services. We will be gradually adding more solutions, all designed to help our customers to continuously improve their energy efficiency and/or reduce their environmental impact. Our estimates show that using the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions products and services instead of the reference products and services would avoid carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of 800,000 metric tons a year. 

Lubricants reducing CO2 emissions

In an increasingly competitive market, TotalEnergies is differentiating itself from the competition by being the only oil company to offer a wide range of fuel-economy lubricants.
The company has committed itself, along with the automobile manufacturers, to designing oils adapted to each of their requirements, and which combine performance, economy and the environment. For almost ten years it has developed high-technology energy saving lubricants which reduce CO2 and thus limit greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. This innovation, marketed under the "Fuel Economy concept" name is proposed for Heavy Duty Vehicles, light vehicles and agricultural machinery.  


TotalEnergies developed a range of biolubricants designed in priority for activities where there is a direct risk for the environment if there is a leak or accidental loss of the product. 
TotalEnergies offers its clients a solution adapted to their sector of activity and to their specific applications. 
Since 2008, some biolubricants developed by TotalEnergies have received an ecological label called the "Eco-label", which is a certification created in 2005 by the European Union (EU). 


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