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At TOTALEnergies, we understand the unique challenges faced by the cement sector. We offer a range of dedicated products expertly formulated to meet your needs at all stages of the cement manufacturing process:

  • Extraction
  • Crushing, conveying and grinding
  • Firing


TotalEnergies understands that cement industry manufacturers are operating under stringent constraints:

  • Severe operating conditions
    • Extreme temperatures
    • Heavy loads and high pressures
  • High value manufacturing equipments
    • High CAPEX
    • Increase of the lifetime of the equipments
  • Continuous process
    • High costs of shutdowns
    • Safety of lubrication operations
  • Energy intensive industry
    • Research for reducing environmental impact
    • Optimization of fuel and lubricant consumption


TotalEnergies' range of top-tier products for the cement industry includes:

  • High performance gearbox oils for a range of applications including heavily loaded gears and gears with a high operating temperature

CARTER EP: High load capability, Flender approved

CARTER HD: Outstanding resistance to shocks and vibrations

CARTER SHCARTER SH: Synthetic PAO based lubricant; extended lifetime

CARTER BIO: Synthetic biodegradable ester

Bearings & Multipurpose

  • High performance greases - multipurpose and for bearings

  • Extreme pressure multipurpose grease

  • Extended lifetime due to mechanical stability

  • Strong protection against shocks; fitted for slow speed and heavily loaded bearings

  • Very high load capability and outstanding water resistance

Blowers and Electric Motors

  • Polyurea grease allows to reach high speeds over a wide temperature range.
  • Complete solutions for quarrying, including multi-usage lubricants and lubricants for engines and transmissions. Another option for you is to use a the breakthrough technology developed and patented by TotalEnergies: CONCEPT TP STAR, two products to cover all your applications:

  • Engines
  • Hydraulics systems (for power or mobility)
  • Gearboxes (mechanical or powershift)

  • Hypoid axles (and final drives)
  • Self-locking limited-slip disc differentials
  • Oil-immersed braking systems
  • Specialty products, including Open Gear lubrication, lubricants for floating kiln tires: from “conventional” high performances aluminium complex greases to a new technology of thick fluids, TotalEnergies is able to provide you with a wide range of product for all lubrication types.
    We are also very proud to propose to our customers a breakthrough technology to extend the Open gear lifetime, Lubriclean EP: a fast, effective cleaner for open-gear drives operated in service.

TotalEnergies is perfectly placed to track the latest cement industry trends and respond with new innovations. We work closely with OEMs and machinery users to formulate the best products for every application.

TotalEnergies lubricants and greases can:

  • Extend the life of high-value plant equipment, cutting down the need for replacements
  • Reduce downtime and shutdowns
  • Cut energy consumption in the cement industry, reducing costs and lowering the environmental impact of your business

We provide you with ongoing support, and guarantee you the best lubricants for every application.

Our customized services optimize your maintenance with our support.

TotalEnergies is able to support you through a set of services, on all your industrial site.

  • On-site technical assistance for lubrication
  • Open Gears inspection
  • Lubrication audits
  • In-service oil analyses
  • Software for maintenance management TIG 6
  • Infrared thermography
  • Training for your staff

With our global offer of products and services, our commitments to you are :

  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced risk of stock outages.
  • Simplified ordering, supply and storage of lubricants.
  • Reduced risk of lubricant application mistakes when maintaining equipment thanks to a comprehensive range
  • Lower transport costs.
  • Savings on maintenance and easier management of lubricants and empty containers.