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03/01/2021 News

Total X Peugeot: Pioneering Performance Again

After partnering for 25 years, Total and Peugeot has released long-awaited details about the main technical characteristics of the Powertrain of their Hypercar LMH for the FIA WORLD ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP (FIA WEC).

In conformity with the FIA WEC rules and regulations, their respective teams have combined their experience and expertise in hybridization and world-class motor racing to produce a Powertrain (PEUGEOT HYBRID4 500KW).

Main components include:

  • Hybrid Technology, with a mid-rear, 2.6-litre, 500kW (680 horsepower), twin-turbo, V6, Petrol internal combustion engine combined with a front-mounted 200kW motor-generator unit
  • A high-power-density battery co-developed by Peugeot Sport, Total and its subsidiary Saft.
  • Four-wheel drive transmission and a seven-speed gearbox
  • Smart Powertrain and energy flow management developed under the direction of François Coudrain, Peugeot Sports WEC Program Powertrain Director.
  • Total X Peugeot

    Peugeot Sports has used its experience in endurance racing and created a new 2.6 litre, twin-turbo, 90-degree V6 engine. Situated behind the driver, this 500kW/ 680hp power plant will tip the scales at 165 KG and drive the rear wheels.

    The seven-speed (plus reverse) gearbox is controlled by steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The break-by-wire system developed by Peugeot Sports will also be controlled electronically, which also allows the driver to adjust the level of engine braking.

    Total’s lubricants will be playing a huge role in the new Hypercar as well. Providing cooling liquids and engine/gearbox lubricants are important in the competitiveness of the Sports Hypercar. Prototypes developed by Total for intensive use and lasting life for different temperatures as well as special oils and greases developed after its years of experience in motorsports will be used in the Hypercar.

    Total and its subsidiary Saft has also created an innovative battery concept. The high-density, high-power and high-voltage battery was developed by Peugeot Sport and Saft. Favouring power over energy and density, Saft’s engineers chose the best cells for the battery, aligning with the demands of endurance racing.

    The new battery will be located in a carbon casing situated behind the driver, underneath the fuel tank. Designed to combine durability and consistent performance, it can handle races of 24 hours, and even more. Total and Peugeot Sports are responsible for homologation of the battery which will be assembled in a new workshop at Peugeot Sports Versailles Satory base, near Paris.

    Although the internal combustion engine delivers 500kW (680 hp) and the motor-generator unit has a capacity of 200kW (272 hp), the regulations set a maximum outpost of 500kW during the race. The LMH Powertrain works as follows to adapt to different situations during the race:

    • Electrical energy below 120kph has been forbidden, therefore the motor-generator unit only engages once this speed is reached.
    • At full power, the power output of the bi-turbo V6 is capped at 300kW (408 hp) and adjusted as a function of the power delivered by the motor-generator unit at 200kW which is directly dependent on the battery level.
    • Car automatically changes to the four-wheel-drive mode when the motor-generator unit comes into use which modifies its drivability, for example: driving through high-speed corners.
    • When the high-density battery is empty, the internal combustion engine reverts to 500kW (680 hp) power output and the transmission returns to rear-wheel drive. During races, the battery will be charged prior, once on the tracks, the battery will function completely on its own, charging only by the kinetic braking energy recovery system.

    Before the track-testing program begins at the end of 2021, Peugeot Sports and Total will be working together to continue engineering on the Hypercar and see it run a simulator course in the first half of 2021.

    Peugeot Sports employs engineers like François Coudrain who has experience in the related field for the whole course of their career. This is a huge benefit and they can apply their knowledge behind the Peugeot Sport engineered line.

    Peugeot Sport: Pioneering Performance Again

    “Thanks to the commitment and passion that drives everyone at PEUGEOT SPORT, the motorsport division of PEUGEOT has enjoyed success at the very highest level in numerous types of motorsport. Inspired by our heritage and expertise in the field of hybridisation, we are returning to the prestigious, exacting FIA World Endurance Championship with an LMH car in 2022.”