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09/02/2021 News

Syiok! Loyalty Programme

Total Syiok! Loyalty Programme

TotalEnergies Marketing Malaysia is excited to introduce to you the arrival of our all new loyalty programme - “Syiok!”. This amazing programme is designed to give you stunning rewards and FREE Quartz Engine Oil!

With Syiok! Loyalty programme, you will be able to receive benefits when you service your car at participating workshops* such as BUY 3 FREE 1 (Quartz 9000 or Quartz INEO range) or BUY 4 FREE 1 (Quartz 8000 or Quartz 7000 Engine Oil)! Other than that, birthday special, discount vouchers and many more are waiting for you to aid your car, keeping it brand new to go the extra distance!

Oh, but we are not done! When you refer a friend to participate in our loyalty programme, you can also expect extra rewards on top of all of that! Isn’t that such a great deal? 

Signing up takes little time, just follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Register at and fill in your details
  • Step 2: Find your nearest Quartz Auto Care to complete the car service
  • Step 3: Submit your car service receipt and wait while your receipts get verified
  • Step 4: Continue servicing your car another 2-3 times (depending on type of engine oil) and redeem your brand new FREE Quartz Engine Oil* (during your next car service)

Exclusive rewards and promotions just for your car while you follow these 3 simple steps, an offer too hard to miss! Come and be a part of the Syiok! loyalty programme via and never skip on a chance to snag benefits for your vehicle!


Visit your closest Quartz Auto Care today to start servicing your car!

*Terms & Conditions Apply